Don’t take it personally, babe, it just ain’t your story!

    Diving into the visual novel world has never been easier, now that almost anyone can just create one using the Ren’py engine.  So what exactly is a visual novel?  It’s a type of game what requires little to no interation, as it is a “novel”, but with music and images.  The concept is basic: you play the role of the main character and progress though a story with choices that affect dialogue with other characters, and ultimately, the ending.  Most visual novels are for adults only, but there are quite a few good titles that are for all ages.


    One particular visual novel that caught my attention was “don’t take it personally, babe, it just ain’t your story” (yes, it’s all lower-cased).  The premise of the story revolves around social media and how communication between people are affected.  Imagine being a high school teacher, with access to all of your students private messges and social media interations.  How would you behave around your students, while knowing what they do outside their school life and breaching their privacy?  Perhaps in the near future, schools will be allowed to access every student’s e-mail to correct behavior.


    By the way, if you frequent 4chan, you’ll either love it or hate it.  This visual novel is full of memes, notably from /b/.  The language is quite foreign to those who aren’t up to date with current internet slang, so you may not follow the story all the way to the end.


    If you want a shot at this visual novel, you can get it free (legally) for Windows, Mac, Linux here:


    And, of course:



    On a side note, it appears that the setting is based in Ontario, Canada.  The game mentions Ontario cities such as Ajax and Pickering, and also streets of downtown Toronto, such as Gerrard and Chester.


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